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What Sets Us Apart

We're different from other commercial mortgage brokers and investment bankers in ways important to our clients. We deliver value by reducing financing costs, time, and complexity - one client at a time.

Larkin Hospitality Finance Advantages

  • Experience: We have nearly two decades tenure in the lending and hospitality industries.
  • Specialized Focus: We only work on hotel financing projects.
  • Results, Honesty & Integrity: Past clients and industry veterans tell our story best.
  • Value: We always deliver savings and benefits to our clients far in excess of our fee (which is only due and payable when the loan closes).
  • Fiduciary Responsibility: We work only on behalf of our clients, not the bank's. We earn no fees from any third parties.
  • Responsiveness: The same person manages the project from origination through closing.
  • Work Ethic: We sweat the details for you, visit every property we finance, manage each phase of the project, and are available for questions and issue resolution through the term of the loan.
  • Professionalism: Proven processes and analytical methodologies.
  • Negotiation Rigor: Trained professionals are focused on securing the best terms for our clients.
  • Credibility: Frequently published hotel financing authors and cited in hospitality periodicals.
  • Market Intelligence: We have our finger on the pulse of both the hospitality industry and capital markets better than anyone in the business.
  • Confidentiality: All personal and proprietary client data are kept confidential, safely stored, and are only shared with lending banks.
  • Capital Markets Access: We’ve been in the business a long time. Lenders know we know what we’re doing. We have long-term relationships with proven hospitality lenders.

We combine the deep understanding of the hospitality industry with the focused client service of a boutique investment bank.

Residence Inn Photo
Cameron Larkin’s firm approached us with refinancing of our Comfort Inn of Mansfield, TX and I am very grateful.  Mr. Larkin's commitment to each customer is what impressed me the most.  There is no doubt in my mind that they stand out from the rest.  Their professionalism and knowledge will benefit anyone looking to finance or refinance hotels. – Kim Chong, President Markarios, Inc